About Us

Karina Salmen and Maria Claudia are lifestyle content creators based in Miami. Community is their biggest goal, and one of their focus is creating a platform for emerging designers, creating family-oriented events. they value inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for all attendees.

Its Us the Duo creates events
that emphasizes on the values
of family and community, while
serving as a platform for
emerging designers. 

Bigger,Better and Stronger !

Uniting Design
and Community

Its Us the Duo creates events that emphasizes on the values of family and community, while serving as a platform for emerging designers. The event is designed to foster a sense of togetherness and collaboration among attendees, and to showcase the work of up-andcoming designers.

A Day
of Family and Shopping Delight

Furthermore, the event also emphasizes on the importance of family and inclusivity. By providing a space with activities, such as face painting, balloons, and games. Creating a great environment for kids to stay while parents shop through our vendors.

Our Latin
American Showcase

We believe our platform can be a powerful tool for bringing people together and promoting a sense of community. By showcasing the work of Latin American designers, the event creates opportunities for these designers to gain exposure and build their careers, while also providing attendees with unique and innovative shopping options.

Diverse Design

In summary, Its Us the Duo is a family and community oriented event that provides a platform for emerging designers to showcase their work, while also promoting the values of inclusivity, diversity, and togetherness.


Discover unique creations, support emerging designers, and enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere with activities for all.

    Karina Salmen

    Creating content is my passion, which goes beyond just showing my take on the styling trends or lates t beauty regime. It also takes you on adventure, whether that be joining me for dinner, jumping on a plane to discover a new city or simply getting the coop on that viral product you've been wan ting to try. Don' t worry i got you, just consider me your friend on the inside and follow my journey.

    María Claudia

    My coal is to inspire o ther girls like me not to be scared of t r ying different fashion trends and to always dare to give their outfits a colorful touch no matter what season we are in.


    there’s a place for everyone...


    Look ing for expos ure and a location to sell!


    From kids entertainment to live concert! We always are seeking for innovative entertainment


    A space where content creators,miami influencers meet and make connections with brands.